The cards

The cards are classified according this model.

The cards Stakeholders and Problems at work are used to start the fresco.

The cards Fondamentals are the pillars from which all other concepts are derived. They permit to distinguish the two main philosophies when you try to work as a team : the neo-liberalism and the agility.

The cards Principles are at 2nd level of importance.

The cards Difficulty allow the participants to think about their own difficulties encountered in their context. The cards Substitution are agile practices supposed to reduce one or several difficulties. The participants are invited to choose the difficulties to keep on the fresco board and how they think resolve them in their context, revisiting their practices.

There is no unique model or definition of what is agile. And that's just fine ! To figure out different point of view, in our fresco, attendees will add difficulties and practices they think important. We will give them white cards.