The workshop

During this collective intelligence workshop, participants find links from problems to principles, and then explore which practices to put in place.


The fresk lasts from 2h30 to 3 hours.

We experiment a blitz version of the fresk in agile conferences in one hour.


A workshop can accommodate up to 14 participants. For more than 7 participants, it is preferable to have two facilitators.

Place / Room

The workshop takes place face-to-face. It requires a large table (oval or rectangular 2mx1m) on which to place the support for the cards, leaving a little space around it.


The fresk materials are a printed support (optional, you can use a brown paper) and a first deck of cards :

  • 6 for stakeholders and their problems,
  • 8 fundamentals,
  • 24 principles,
  • one card "surprise"

We provide an extension desck with 24 cards for difficulties and 24 substitutions.

The cards are dealt in batches at each round of the game.